In July 2020 from the 12th thru the 18th, RETRO FUTURE COMPANY is presenting an ALL INCLUSIVE Celebration of RETROFUTURISM and POP CULTURE in the Lehigh Valley!

But What is Retrofuturism?

The simplest definition is: Retrofuturism is the future as envisioned by the past.

Broadly: Retrofuturism is books, movies, comics, graphic novels, and other types of art / imagery that imagine the past, present and future based on the time period they were produced. It can also be genre encompassing contemporary creations based on previous time periods.

Simply meaning that people, familes, organizations, groups, etc can attend our events in any time period, dimension, or genre they desire! Individuals can "time travel" all week and show us their vintage, current, or futuristic wares! Let loose and be WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and HOW you want to be!

The Genres are vast and include, but aren't limited to Anime, Science FIction, Fantasy, Manga, Superheroes, Cartoon Characters, Video Game Characters, Steampunk, Cyberpunk Cyberprep, Teslapunk, Dieselpunk, Decopunk, Atompunk, Biopunk, Nanopunk, and these are just the "tip of the iceberg"; there are many, many more that are worth discovering to see what you are drawn to and want to emulate.

RETRO FUTURE COMPANY encourages cosplay / costumes / outfits at all of our week long events that will be hosted throughout the Lehigh Valley and end on Saturday as it culminates into the Ultimate RETRO FUTURE FAIRE BALL! Dancing and celebration will abound, and festive music and talk will be the primary sound. where the 1st ANNUAL Queen and King will be crowned, dancing and celebration will abound, and festive music and talk will be the primary sound.

Unsure where to find the proper attire? We will be directing you to locations around the Lehigh Valley and beyond, where you can acquire pre-made or do - it - yourself garments.

It's going to be fun, historical, and unforgettable, but the true goal is to make it ANNUAL!

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Alfonso Todd